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Masked Ball 2008/2009 Reveal!

Thank you so much to everyone who particpated in any way. I definitely want to do this again sometime, and soonish, and I hope we can maintain the quality of the work we find here. Please, if you haven't submitted yet, there's still time! We still want your piece; and if you like, I'll even post it anonymously. But I need to do this, for the sake of everyone biting their nails.

I very much hope you'll submit your stories to The Fifth Cellar, and your art to DevArt or LJ communities or wherever you do so. Spread the word about this comm, too, when it comes time to do this again.

We had five artworks and eleven stories.

Without further ado...

The Art

Epoque by finncullen for echarperouge

Fateful Words by rjdaae for lilithsshadow

Her Angel by metalmyersjason for missy307

Inner Reflections by lilithsshadow for phantomlady84

The Persian and the Rosy Hours of Mazerderan by sabrinafair2 for my_daroga

The Fiction

As Fate Falls by monjinator for echarperouge

Childhood Sweethearts by cherie_morte for sabrinafair2

Christmas Company by darkgondolier for lilithsshadow

A Day in the Life of An Opera Ghost by sparklybee for lettered

An Innocent Kiss by sparklybee for ghostwritten2

The Nameless by dangerousdame for my_daroga

Odi et Amor by avariecaita for ghostwritten2

Only the Lonely by sparklybee for echarperouge

Smooth Operator by phantomlady84 for sparklybee

Strange Duet by phantomlady84 for sparklybee

West of the Moon by my_daroga for lettered

Now is the time to go forth, tell everyone "I thought it was you!", thank everyone for their hard work, and post your work to your ljs, other communities, forums, etc. And tell people about us!

Thanks again!
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